"Long trip ends today on Oahu where Robert Irvine, Gary Sinise Foundation, my buddy Bryan Anderson and a team of amazing volunteers handed the keys to a renovated home to a very deserving soldier and his family. Heading home today. Thanks to everyone I met along the way, much of it documented on Whosay."


Gary Sinise helps a military family with a big announcement!!

So cute! 


At Edwards AFB, April 24, 2014


No, he’s not odd!


Gary Sinise FGary Sinise Good Deeds



Possibly best solo sound check ever. Sound men that are excited to do live sound goes a long way. Jammin Java

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need I say anything?  
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Christine, will you marry me?” - Mac

*cries tears of utter joy AGAIN*… for the hundredth time over this moment…

The fourth gif. That smile. That’s what killed me.

YES! Totally agree.

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At San Anontio, TX and 29 Palms, SC (March 2013)

jeans and rolled sleeves…. yes please!

(and no, I don’t know what happened to his arm in the top pic. I’m going with that he got a bit too close to the grill trying to outdo Irvine ;) )

yes, literally, HOT Gary! 

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Testing 1, 2. New to tumblr. Anyone out there?

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I am watching Dexter

“oh boy—I just read something that was not marked spoiler, and it was a HUGE SPOILER about the finale. I hope knowing this does not detract from my enjoying episodes 7 to the finale, as I need to catc…”

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  • Question: Hello, I was wonder if you had any of your Gary Sinise calenders remaining. I am very interested in purchasing one. I also, have friends that might be interested but I noticed you said you only had a few left. I was wondering if maybe you would be making more. How can I get information about purchasing.. I am new to tumblr so please forgive me if I seem ignore about how this works. Thank you - milesbelowinchesabove
  • Answer:

    Yes, indeed I do have a few more. They are available through my eBay market,

    If you order more than one shipping to the same address, there is a reduced shipping rate.  I don’t know how to do the reduced postage show on the eBay site without a “refund” fee, so I just include the difference in the package with the calendars. 

    If you prefer to order directly from me, I will honor my pricing as listed here earlier, $21 US including shipping (each additional calendar to same address is $3.50 additional shipping), €22. Calendars will be shipped when I receive payment, cash only.

    Thanks for your question and your interest in getting the calendar. I am sure you and your pals will be very happy with it.


I have made a 2013 calendar.  It is a 12-month wall calendar calendar, about 8.5x11 inches. Calendars are numbered 1 through 25; there are only 25 total, and I have a few remaining. All photos are original, taken by me at events I attended. The calendar has multiple photos for each month, giving about 45 new pictures. 

Let me know if you are interested in purchasing one.  I will accept US dollars or European Euros.  Total USA cost with shipping is $21; Total European cost is €22. If interested, please leave a message and email, and we can give/get payment/shipping info.

This is the cover.


I am watching Washington Redskins

“we should not lose to the Panthers, but knowing these knuckleheads, they will give me a heart attack either by keeping it too close or actually [oh, please say it won’t be so!] losing. GO SKINS!”

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